You may find individual therapy helpful when: 

  • You want to learn new ways to cope with stress and move towards a healthier work/life balance

  • You are feeling anxious or worry all the time and want to learn how to better manage symptoms of anxiety

  • You have feelings of unworthiness or are overly self-critical, perhaps related to a past trauma or recent life change

  • You are questioning your current relationship or need support as you transition out of a relationship
  • Your experiences from past relationships or childhood continue to get in the way of living the life you deserve

  • You are the parent of a young child and feeling overwhelmed
  • You are in relationship with someone who is in recovery from or is struggling with addiction/substance abuse

I am an EMDR Trained Clinician and often incorporate this into our work together. Learn more about EMDR therapy

If your concerns are more about your current relationship, explore how Couples Therapy for One or Couples Therapy can be helpful. 

Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.
— Brené Brown